In my work, the relation between the presence and the absence of meaning is questioned. Not limiting myself to a single medium, I bring together paintings, collages, sculptures and writings, outlining them by a strange combination of abstract and figurative elements. This way, ambiguous forms become figures inside the scenario of the image. Intrigued by the idea of creating a universe in which all those characters meet, no work can be understood by itself and each image questions itself relating to the other pictures. The characters’ existence cannot be contested, but their exact meaning can be discussed. Text fragments and writings can function as a sometimes rather cynical guide or misguide for the spectator and introduce an extra dimension.

Therefore, the answer concerning the relevance of the meaning of the image is the central subject. I ask myself how far I can, as an artist, manipulate the meaning I associate to my works; does the act to give a meaning to an image depend exclusively on the viewer or is it the prerogative of the artist as creator?